Service hours

Monday to Sunday and

And public holidays as usual

*The exact delivery time is confirmed by both parties on the phone

delivery time

If customers need to arrange for a designated or special time, please call
 (852) 2558 0094 to contact our customer service staff.

If the customer fails to collect the goods during delivery, the goods will
 be returned to our company and the customer must collect them by themselves.

Delivery time outside Hong Kong will be longer, and China varies depending
 on the province. Please contact us to estimate the delivery time.

Service charge

Free delivery service is available for all purchases of HK$600.00 or above.
 Delivery below HK$600.00 will be subject to a shipping fee of HK$150.00 
(except in some regions, the details are as follows:

#Tung Chung will charge an additional shipping fee. Delivery below HK$1500.00
 will be subject to an additional shipping fee of HK$300.00

#Outlying islands services will be surcharged with ferry and portage fees, 
free delivery service is available for purchases over HK$2000.00, delivery 
below HK$2000.00 will be subject to additional shipping costs of HK$200.00

# The above services are not applicable to the restaurant industry

#The freight rates are different in different regions outside Hong Kong

Delivery arrangements outside Hong Kong

We have a delivery service outside Hong Kong. Please email the delivery 
address to 6176 3558 for inquiries to obtain an 
accurate quotation and delivery time.
Delivery time: depending on the region, please contact us first
Delivery cost: depending on the region, please contact us first

If you have any questions, please make the final phone call.
Please call: (852) 2558 0094
Mobile phone: (852) 6176 3558