Photo T-Shirt


You are born to be a special one. Our T-shirt service is specially printed with your favourite photos or images that full of personal style. It also shows your taste and unique character.

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XS(110):(Chest/Bust) 320mm (Shoulder) 310mm (Shirt Tail)442mm (Sleeve) 125mm
XS(110/56):(Chest/Bust) 330mm (Shoulder) 320mm (Shirt Tail)450mm (Sleeve) 130mm
XS(160/76A):(Chest/Bust) 440mm (Shoulder) 380mm (Shirt Tail) 641mm (Sleeve) 190mm
M(170/84A):(Chest/Bust) 460mm (Shoulder) 410mm (Shirt Tail) 640mm (Sleeve) 190mm
L(140/68):(Chest/Bust) 380mm (Shoulder) 360mm (Shirt Tail) 530mm (Sleeve) 150mm
XL(180/92A):(Chest/Bust) 540mm (Shoulder) 500mm (Shirt Tail) 756mm (Sleeve) 190mm
2XL(185/96A):(Chest/Bust) 555mm (Shoulder) 530mm (Shirt Tail) 760mm (Sleeve) 210mm


Product Information:
Crew neck short sleeve T-shirt
Made in 100% Polyester